Back in 2016, Kristy, my fiancée, COO of IOOGO and wonder woman, asked me why my tax customers still paid my franchisees $100 -$400 for a personal income tax return. I explained to her that our 15+ years of experience allowed us to provide customers with quality work so that our customers didn’t have to worry about the complexity of a tax return. She still didn’t understand. She had been earning six figures for a while, owned a home, itemized deductions and her tax preparation was free through H&R Block online. I told her that even though some online DIY companies offer a free version of their software, most make their money by forcing you to upgrade to access all deductions that the IRS makes available to you based on your income bracket and filing status.

The IRS does not have a secret book of deductions. All credits and deductions are available to all taxpayers to use, but you have to know where to look. Enter the birth of IOOGO Tax where you can access all of your credits and deductions with only a few clicks.

We realized that by leveraging technology, we could offer a better solution without reinventing the wheel. We built a solution for anyone who knows how to use a smartphone, navigate through Facebook or fill out an online job application.

All tax software applications use the U.S. tax code. We have to. There is no legal way for one tax software application to give you a larger refund than the other tax software application, but tax preparation companies spend a lot of marketing dollars trying to convince you that the most expensive package will get you the biggest refund. We are here to tell you to keep your hard-earned money and access all of your deductions and credits that are legally available to you through IOOGO Tax, using the same tax code as the other tax companies use.

Our pricing model is simple. Since you already do all of the work (DIY), why force you to pay hundreds of dollars in upgrade fees? Kristy was right that spending $100 – $400 for a tax return is unnecessary. I have since changed my outlook and mission in the tax preparation industry and left my franchising business in the past. My mission now aligns with the IOOGO mission. IOOGO wants you to stop believing that taxes are always complicated to file. My MBA fiancée can do it, my millennial brother can do it, and my baby boomer future mother-in-law can do it.

Taxes are simple. No magic. No tricks. No upgrades. 

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