Our Story

In 2017, while driving from Houston to Dallas, Kristy and Josh discussed the previous tax season from Josh’s franchising business. The focus of the discussion started with the customer pains of cost and inconvenience from going to physical locations and shifted to the pains of required upgrades and overcomplicated user interfaces from current do-it-yourself options. From this discussion, they began the vision of IOOGO.

A lot of tax preparation companies make their customers believe that tax preparation is complicated and therefore should pay hundreds of dollars or upgrade to the next best package. The IRS recommends training for tax preparers, but are legally unable to require it. Therefore, the training is usually minimal as tax preparers are able to follow a step-by-step software application, although they likely cannot accurately explain the forms the software spits out.  From this, we realized that we could build a solution that included both the professional preparation tools and the simplicity of do-it-yourself software for taxpayers. The thought was that if someone could learn how to prepare income taxes professionally in a few weeks, a taxpayer can prepare their own tax return in a few minutes, with the right tools.

The IOOGO team is excited to bring a different perspective to the world of income taxes. Not only does IOOGO simplify tax preparation, but it is doing it in a way that fully leverages technology. The low-cost, transparent pricing will make you at least want to try IOOGO Tax, and at the end of the day, you will see that tax preparation is truly simple. If you are tired of being punished with upgrades when you’re doing all of the work, say goodbye to upgrades and hello to IOOGO.