Our Story

In May 2017, while driving from Houston to Dallas, Kristy and Josh began to discuss the previous tax season from Josh’s franchising business. The focus of the discussion started with the customer pains of cost and inconvenience from going to physical locations and shifted to the pains of required upgrades and overcomplicated user interfaces from current do-it-yourself options. From this discussion, they began the vision of IOOGO.

Many tax preparation companies market the idea that tax preparation is complicated and therefore customers should pay hundreds of dollars in upgrades. The IRS recommends training for tax preparers, but are legally unable to require it. Josh previously trained new tax preparers to professionally file taxes professionally in just four weeks. The step-by-step software application provided to the tax preparers allowed him to condense training to such a short time.

From this, Kristy and Josh realized that they could build a solution that included both the professional preparation tools and the simplicity of do-it-yourself software for taxpayers. They believed that if a tax preparer could learn how to prepare income taxes professionally in a few weeks, then a taxpayer could prepare their own tax return in a few minutes, with the right tools and software design.

Kristy and Josh quickly decided that a partner with a strong technical background was necessary to round out the skill sets they offered to build a successful tax filing solution and business. Val was a natural fit as he not only had the technical experience but had entrepreneurial experience as well. In July 2017, Josh, Kristy and Val launched IOOGO. They quickly built a strong team required to develop a quality tax solution centered on the best user experience. IOOGO Tax is the first product in a line of financial products to be offered by IOOGO. Their biggest challenge is changing the way customers view tax preparation and un-doing the marketing tactics of the “other guys”. The IOOGO team is up to the challenge though and excited to bring a different perspective to the world of income taxes.

– Our Team –

Josh Alballero

Chief Executive Officer

Strategic business leader with experience growing business to profitability; 15 years of experience in personal and corporate taxation. Founder of D&J Financial, Inc., a financial services franchising system that focused on tax preparation, tax representation and accounting.

Kristy Campbell

Chief Executive Officer

15 years of experience managing all aspects of software development life cycle, all in the complex healthcare software space. BS in Statistics, MS in Healthcare Management, and an MBA from the University of Texas at Dallas.

Val Osipenko

Chief  Technology Officer

Experienced technical leader focused on providing leadership in development of innovative and robust mobile solution.